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Geely’s Radar RD6 Electric Pickup Truck on sale for $24,600

Radar is a brand under Geely aimed at young buyers living in big cities who like to go out to the beach or mountains on ...
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Toyota’s bZ3 Electric Corolla could be a top 5 global car – if…

The new Toyota bZ3 is on display at the 2022 Tianjin Auto Show. But what's the possibility of it coming to the market?
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I’m sorry! Nio speeds towards bankruptcy – loses up 400%

NIO has provided 14 million battery swap services, with the service currently averaging more than 30,000 per day. NIO is also offering flexible battery upgrades ...
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EV News

Volvo’s CEO says EVs will cost less than gas VERY SOON

Next year Volvo will reveal its small crossover. It will be a little bit smaller than XC40.
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Renewable Energy

In Australia, solar is powering EVs & destroying coal companies

It’s been a stunning few months of records for renewable energy shares across Australia’s electricity market. The big headline number for Australia’s main grid was ...
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U.S. Legacy auto + non-Tesla startups EV sales surge 71%

Tesla isn't under pressure in U.S, they are in China. In China, there are some electric vehicle startups that are competing against Tesla.
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Tesla’s Model 2 Hatch & Crossover will KILL gas cars in 2023

Tesla is keen to further slash production costs and develop an even smaller EV below these to cater to emerging markets. Named Model 2 as ...
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Ford & Toyota join to fight US Government on EV subsidies

Ford and Toyota Corp. say the government should loosen the terms of the $430 billion IRA to allow manufacturers to source EV components from more ...
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BYD & Chinese EV brands are destroying legacy auto in China

China's retail sales of passenger cars rose 7.5 percent to 1.842 million units in October, down 4.2 percent from September, according to the CPCA. In ...
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