Audi is DUMPING unwanted luxury cars & EVs in China for as low as $9500

By The Electric Viking / September 12, 2023

Audi is selling their EVs at the lowest ever in China. This is crazy.

Audi & VW give up on EV platform; will buy it from Chinese Government & Alibaba

By The Electric Viking / July 18, 2023

Audi & VW are lagging behind when it comes to production. They need to ramp up.

BMW EV sales flop in Germany; crushed by Audi, Mercedes & Tesla

By The Electric Viking / May 3, 2023

In Germany, EV sales hit a record high. German brand BMW didn’t do well.

Ford, Audi, BMW, VW, Rivian & Volvo no longer qualify for $7500 discount

By The Electric Viking / May 2, 2023

We have the list of vehicles you should and shouldn’t buy. You will be amazed to know them.

Audi makes more electric cars – sales increase 50% in the US!

By The Electric Viking / April 7, 2023

Volkswagen and Audi have increased their EV sales. They are producing more electric cars.

Price & 30% range boost for Audi’s NEW Q8 E-Tron electric SUV

By The Electric Viking / April 3, 2023

The automaker has made a multitude of improvements. They also changed the model’s name.

Russian court freezes VW & Audi’s assets – demands $200 million

By The Electric Viking / March 28, 2023

VW has invested $5 billion in their Russian plan. Russia was one of Volkswagen’s essential car markets. What is going […]

EV credits help Tesla annihilate BMW, Mercedes, Audi & Lexus in the US

By The Electric Viking / March 21, 2023

The legacy auto is suffering. Tesla is ruling the industry.

VW Group’s 2022 annual sales collapse to lowest in over a decade

By The Electric Viking / January 17, 2023

VW could be in trouble, looking at their debt. It is a big problem.

NIO beats Audi, BMW & Mercedes for major award in Germany

By The Electric Viking / November 11, 2022

The Golden Steering Wheel is one of the most prestigious and oldest automotive competitions for new car models in Germany […]

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