EV Batteries

Australia’s nuclear goldmine ‘needed’ as iron ore, nickel & lithium prices collapse

By The Electric Viking / March 1, 2024

Could a focus on producing uranium fuel for the world’s reactors help mitigate Australia’s susceptibility to price shocks from other […]

Fire proof Magnesium water batteries will rival lithium in only 1-3 years

By The Electric Viking / February 28, 2024

The batteries we design and produce are referred to as aqueous metal-ion batteries, also known as water batteries. In tackling […]

Germany spends years doping Sodium-ion batteries to improve performance

By The Electric Viking / February 28, 2024

There remain several weaknesses in sodium-ion batteries that could be addressed through the optimization of battery materials. One potential solution […]

LG Energy Solution’s 4680 Tesla batteries being made in Arizona in 6 months

By The Electric Viking / February 19, 2024

LG Energy Solution’s 4680-Type batteries are on the horizon, with series production set to commence imminently in South Korea. Subsequently, […]

American battery company reveals production ready 1000 Mile EV Battery

By The Electric Viking / February 17, 2024

24M is among the numerous enterprises established to bring to market concepts originating from the innovative mind of Yet-Ming Chiang, […]

Australia’s Novonix signs huge Panasonic (Tesla) battery minerals contract

By The Electric Viking / February 15, 2024

Novonix, an Australian company specializing in electric vehicle battery materials and technology, has announced a partnership agreement with Panasonic Energy. […]

Panasonic says homes and offices will soon be powered by their windows

By The Electric Viking / February 14, 2024

Envision a future where the glass windows and walls of residential and commercial buildings serve as direct sources of solar […]

US Government Scientists expose why solid-state batteries keep failing

By The Electric Viking / February 14, 2024

Researchers uncover the concealed threat to solid-state batteries: Lithium filaments have the potential to proliferate during the charging process, creating […]

A cheap electrolyte gel gives lithium batteries 40% more energy density

By The Electric Viking / February 14, 2024

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, attention was captivated by the futuristic strides in AI and healthcare. Yet, it’s […]

Experts reveal when the world will no longer need to mine for EV batteries

By The Electric Viking / February 14, 2024

In August, the environmental organization Greenpeace disclosed that China had greenlit over 50 gigawatts of new coal power in the […]

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