EV Batteries

Batteries made from salt and wood pulp could power Europe’s energy grid

By The Electric Viking / June 19, 2024

Tree-based batteries are poised to play a crucial role in Europe’s strategy to counter China’s dominance in the lithium sector. […]

How Australia’s new Tesla 8-hour mega battery helps to kill coal faster

By The Electric Viking / May 30, 2024

German energy giant RWE has given the green light to its proposed eight-hour big battery project in south-west NSW and […]

Ex-Tesla engineer creates Sodium battery as good as LFP for $25,000 EVs

By The Electric Viking / May 27, 2024

A former Battery Module Design Engineer at Tesla believes that the sodium-ion battery technology developed by his startup, Bedrock Materials, […]

China vows severe retaliation after Biden imposes huge tariffs on EVs & batteries

By The Electric Viking / May 16, 2024

The US government has announced increased tariffs on various Chinese products, including electric vehicles (EVs), adding to the challenges faced […]

CATL’s sodium hybrid battery will be 30% cheaper & revolutionise the world

By The Electric Viking / May 8, 2024

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd (CATL), a leading Chinese power battery manufacturer, has engaged in discussions with approximately twelve automakers […]

Batteries + solar smash records in California and fossil power plants suffer

By The Electric Viking / May 3, 2024

In California, home to one of the largest state grids globally, records continue to be broken as battery storage assumes […]

The world’s first molten salt battery is turned on in Denmark

By The Electric Viking / May 3, 2024

Denmark unveils the world’s inaugural molten salt energy storage facility. This innovative establishment is designed to store surplus renewable energy […]

Energy density of CATL’s Shenxing battery revealed for Tesla Model Y Juniper

By The Electric Viking / April 27, 2024

According to internal tests, CATL has introduced a groundbreaking lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cell boasting an impressive 620-mile range on […]

Highest energy density battery in the world enables EVs with 1250 mile range

By The Electric Viking / April 7, 2024

Talent New Energy, a Chinese solid-state battery startup, recently revealed a groundbreaking achievement in battery technology. They have introduced an […]

CATL’s Shenxing battery likely for Model Y Juniper can charge in 11 minutes

By The Electric Viking / April 5, 2024

In China’s rapidly evolving electric vehicle landscape, developments occur swiftly, which is why staying updated with Car News China is […]

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