Over 400 Ford dealers change their minds and decide not to sell EVs

By The Electric Viking / November 28, 2023

Following its call for dealers to participate in a “sustainable expansion journey,” Ford disclosed that over two-thirds of its dealers […]

Ford’s LFP factory downsized after US politicians say Ford is helping China

By The Electric Viking / November 27, 2023

Ford’s Michigan LFP Battery Plant to Scale Down: Planned Annual Output Reduced to 20 GWh from 35 GWh, Workforce to […]

BYD hires GM & Ford engineers to make new pickup ‘drive like a sportscar’

By The Electric Viking / November 16, 2023

A summons from China echoes across the Southern Hemisphere, beckoning Australian experts to the forefront. Ford and Holden engineers, renowned […]

Ford F150 Lightning electric undergoes engineering testing in Australia

By The Electric Viking / November 14, 2023

The Ford F150 Lightning Electric pickup truck would sell incredibly well in Australia. It is not as good as it […]

Ford’s CEO explains how Elon Musk gave his company a ‘huge gift’

By The Electric Viking / November 9, 2023

Ford’s CEO, James Farley, has acknowledged the challenges faced by their EV lineup and other competitors. However, he pointed out […]

Ford are adding thousands more Tesla superchargers to network

By The Electric Viking / November 4, 2023

On Monday, Ford Motor announced plans to expand its electric vehicle charging network by adding a larger number of Tesla […]

Ford cancels $12 billion dollar Electric Car investment plans

By The Electric Viking / November 1, 2023

Ford sold $32,000 on every EV they sold in 2nd quarter. They are going down rapidly.

Ford’s stock price falls 15% after loss of $36,000 on every EV sale revealed

By The Electric Viking / October 31, 2023

Ford is slowing down its EV plants. They are now losing a lot of money on EVs.

Ford says its EVs have “a lot of internal combustion engineering in them”

By The Electric Viking / October 24, 2023

Bill Ford points out the rising political polarization concerning electric vehicles, particularly between states with Democratic (blue) and Republican (red) […]

Tesla Workers are UAW Union “Members Of The Future,” says President

By The Electric Viking / October 24, 2023

According to Shawn Fain, employees at Tesla, Toyota, Honda, and other companies should not be viewed as adversaries; instead, they […]

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