Mary Barra’s $280B goal to beat Tesla by becoming a technology business…

By The Electric Viking / November 27, 2023

Mary Barra revealed that she has a plan for GM. They will dive into the technology business.

Avoid buying this cheap electric car second hand or face huge battery cost

By The Electric Viking / November 22, 2023

This buyer had to spend heaps of money to replace the battery pack. Cheap EVs might cost you a lot, […]

General Motors reveals plan to sell Chinese EVs worldwide in massive pivot

By The Electric Viking / November 21, 2023

Within the past 10 years, GM lost all of its sales. GM has a plan.

GM secretly buys Tesla’s U.S gigacasting mold supplier for $80 million dollars

By The Electric Viking / November 18, 2023

The media has incorrectly reported that GM has purchased Tesla’s giga casting supplier. It’s not that in reality.

Buffett’s Berkshire admits worst investment ever: dumps stake in General Motors

By The Electric Viking / November 18, 2023

On Tuesday, Berkshire Hathaway announced the divestment of its General Motors holdings as the conglomerate, overseen by billionaire Warren Buffett, […]

BYD hires GM & Ford engineers to make new pickup ‘drive like a sportscar’

By The Electric Viking / November 16, 2023

A summons from China echoes across the Southern Hemisphere, beckoning Australian experts to the forefront. Ford and Holden engineers, renowned […]

How GM tricked America into believing its Robotaxis were real…

By The Electric Viking / November 13, 2023

GM’s robotaxis need human drivers. This is alarming.

NEW Chevrolet Bolt gets big changes including LFP batteries + Ultium platform

By The Electric Viking / November 4, 2023

GM said they won’t make Chevy Bolt anymore. They will actually keep selling them, but they will make some changes.

Chevy Equinox $30,000 model cancelled, costs more than Tesla Model Y LR

By The Electric Viking / November 4, 2023

Chevrolet is now accepting orders for the Equinox EV, with the initial two trims priced at $48,995 for the 2RS […]

California Suspends GM Permit after Robotaxi Ran Over & Dragged Pedestrian

By The Electric Viking / October 29, 2023

GM’s robotaxis have had too many accidents. There’s been a few recently.

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