Kia worldwide EV sales break records as KIa ships NEW EV5 and EV3

By The Electric Viking / June 28, 2024

In May, Kia reported a 2.1% year-over-year decrease in global vehicle sales, totaling 264,313 units. Despite this overall decline, the […]

Price, battery and details of Kia’s NEW EV5 electric SUV

By The Electric Viking / June 22, 2024

The 2025 Kia EV5 electric SUV has been sighted once more in Australia, shortly before its imminent local release. Brendan […]

Kia says $30,000 EV3 has 373 mile range and will blitz the mass market

By The Electric Viking / May 28, 2024

Kia aims for the EV3 to dominate the affordable EV mass market with annual U.S. sales exceeding 70,000. The company […]

Kia now offering massive discounts on the EV9 and EV6

By The Electric Viking / May 23, 2024

Kia kicks off the summer season with discounts on the EV6 and EV9, with varying offers depending on location and […]

Kia smashes its EV sales record in America – up 144%

By The Electric Viking / May 15, 2024

In April 2024, Kia achieved a historic milestone in the U.S. market as it recorded approximately 5,000 sales of all-electric […]

2025 Kia EV9 GT: Supersized electric sports SUV revealed with huge power

By The Electric Viking / April 30, 2024

Kia’s premier electric vehicle is poised to receive a boost in power. The distinctive lime green brake calipers signal the […]

Kia’s US Electric Car sales hit new record, increase by 151% in March

By The Electric Viking / April 7, 2024

Eric Watson, Kia America’s vice president of sales operations, highlighted the significant role of the company’s expansion in SUVs and […]

Kia beats BYD to win World Electric Vehicle & World Car of the Year

By The Electric Viking / March 30, 2024

The Kia EV9 earns the prestigious titles of World Electric Vehicle and World Car of the Year, marking a significant […]

Kia offering big discounts on NEW 2024 EV9 electric SUVs

By The Electric Viking / March 11, 2024

In November, Kia initiated EV9 orders at a starting price of $54,900, branding its inaugural three-row electric SUV as a […]

The NEW Kia Stinger will be EV only with 700km range & twice the power

By The Electric Viking / February 15, 2024

Last year, production of the Kia Stinger ceased without a successor, but reports suggest that one is on the horizon […]

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