Mazda begrudgingly agrees to join Tesla Charging network

By The Electric Viking / January 20, 2024

Mazda, previously among the few adherents to the NACS charging port, has now embraced Tesla’s charging port for its upcoming […]

Soon to be bankrupt, Mazda’s CEO says EVs are a failure; except Tesla..

By The Electric Viking / November 30, 2023

Mazda’s CEO, overseeing the production of a less-than-stellar electric car, seems determined to downplay the significance of electrification, portraying it […]

Mazda’s Iconic SP is the most complicated electric/rotary car ever made

By The Electric Viking / October 29, 2023

This could be the most complex car ever made. It is one of the best-looking cars though.

We will chase the ideal engine; perfecting combustion is what Mazda will do

By The Electric Viking / August 22, 2023

Mazda spent millions of dollars on engine. The are going on the wrong direction.

Subaru, Mazda, GM & BMW reveal plans to use Tesla-like 4680 batteries

By The Electric Viking / August 15, 2023

Mazda Kills its only Electric Car In America because no-one wanted it

By The Electric Viking / August 15, 2023

Mazda reverse massive losses, post $210m profit after killing their only EV

By The Electric Viking / August 15, 2023

Is Mazda saying the truth? Did they actually make this much profit?

Mazda’s Forced Pivot: Announces Electric Miata / MX5 in New EV Strategy

By The Electric Viking / August 5, 2023

Mazda announces electric Miata. They say they are working on it.

Mazda says longer-range EVs aren’t sustainable; stop asking for them

By The Electric Viking / February 8, 2023

Mazda brings out the worst electric vehicle ever. It isn’t even cheap!

Mazda’s MX30 EV gets updated for 2023 – price rise but no more range

By The Electric Viking / February 7, 2023

The all-electric Mazda MX-30 once again appeared in Mazda’s sales stats in January. The numbers remain pretty low.

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