Rivian divorces Mercedes only 3 months after the wedding?!

By The Electric Viking / December 16, 2022

Rivian’s technologies are good and Mercedes’ technologies are good and bad. Mercedes has heavy EV’s.

German EV sales near 40% – Tesla is slaughtering BMW & Mercedes

By The Electric Viking / December 13, 2022

BYD is going to swamp the German car market. But Tesla is ruling.

The Tesla Semi is an embarrassing lesson for Mercedes

By The Electric Viking / December 6, 2022

The semi will change the world. Many semi companies will be dazzled after seeing this.

Mercedes say Tesla’s 500 mile Semi defies the laws of physics

By The Electric Viking / November 29, 2022

Tesla Semi is too good to be true. Mercedes think its fake.

Mercedes slashes EV prices by up to $33,000 as demand stalls

By The Electric Viking / November 21, 2022

Mercedes sales are up 22% from last year. Mercedes is having to slash the prices of its electric cars.

NIO beats Audi, BMW & Mercedes for major award in Germany

By The Electric Viking / November 11, 2022

The Golden Steering Wheel is one of the most prestigious and oldest automotive competitions for new car models in Germany […]

Mercedes-Benz more than double electric car sales in 2022

By The Electric Viking / November 4, 2022

Mercedes-Benz’s all-electric car sales more than doubled in Q3 to 30,000. That’s almost 6% of the total volume. Overall, plug-in […]

Mercedes Benz make the biggest BLUNDER in company history

By The Electric Viking / November 2, 2022

From December 15, 2022, Beijing Benz will recall a total of 3,345 EQC electric vehicles with production dates between December […]

Mercedes-Benz CEO: luxury car buyers are driving EV revolution

By The Electric Viking / October 17, 2022

Mercedes will still sell both gas and electric cars for many years to come, though the company’s CEO thinks customers […]

Mercedes-AMG C63 S E – the most complex hybrid vehicle ever made

By The Electric Viking / September 23, 2022

Mercedes AMG has killed the V8 in its hero C-Class performance sedan – and replaced it with the 2023 Mercedes […]

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