MG reveals impressive software update to Australia’s best value EV

By The Electric Viking / September 22, 2023

MG Australia is introducing a software update that will enable one-pedal driving in a selection of MG 4 electric hatchbacks. […]

MG4 XPower EV demolishes Lamborghini and Nissan GT-R in DRAG RACE

By The Electric Viking / August 24, 2023

A budget EV from MG just beat Lamborghini. It beat the Lamborghini in a drag race.

MG say new Cyberster will beat Ferrari & McLaren for a fraction of the price

By The Electric Viking / July 18, 2023

SAIC owns MG. Their new convertible is about to go on sale in the UK.

NEW MG4 vs BYD Dolphin vs GWM Ora – which $39,990 EV is best?

By The Electric Viking / July 10, 2023

I will be comparing these 3 vehicles. You will be deciding which one is the best.

MG4 with battery LFP is cheaper than a Corolla in Australia

By The Electric Viking / June 20, 2023

This is cheaper than a Toyota. New battery pack will give it more power.

MG4 price revealed in Australia – should you get this or a BYD Atto 3?

By The Electric Viking / June 7, 2023

Which one should you get? I think you will have your answer.

MG recalls Aussie EV’s sold in 2022; offers discount on new ones

By The Electric Viking / May 25, 2023

There have been some made-up rumors going around. There is no evidence of these claims.

Chery Omoda 5 electric SUV coming to take on the Atto 3 & MG ZS EV

By The Electric Viking / May 23, 2023

This EV is very likely to be the cheapest electric car in NZ. It is coming very soon.

MG & GM’s cheap 142 mile range EV on sale to over 3 billion people

By The Electric Viking / May 20, 2023

Chinese cheap electric cars will go to a lot of countries over the world. This is inevitable.

MG Cyberster electric convertible coming to Europe, UK & Australia

By The Electric Viking / May 2, 2023

MG is bringing their Cyberster Electric to Europe. This is a great news.

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