Mitsubishi’s sad plan to save itself proves it won’t survive the EV Revolution

By The Electric Viking / May 23, 2024

While some argue that volatility, not debt, should be the primary consideration for investors when assessing risk, Warren Buffett famously […]

Mitsubishi leaves China after epic sales collapse – says EV’s are the reason

By The Electric Viking / July 20, 2023

Mitsubishi’s fall is right around the corner. They need to start making electric cars.

The world’s love for Japanese cars is coming to an end

By The Electric Viking / January 11, 2023

As the auto industry undergoes its biggest transformation in a generation, this brand is falling behind. They basically make fridges […]

It’s impossible for these 3 automakers to break even selling EV’s

By The Electric Viking / January 10, 2023

Many automakers don’t make profit from their electric cars. They need to sell more cars.

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