Nissan dealers arrested; claim they are 100% innocent of all charges

By The Electric Viking / April 3, 2023

This year there have been many complaints about the dealerships. Nissan dealers have gone too far.

Nissan credit rating cut to junk with profit, sales seen falling rapidly

By The Electric Viking / March 21, 2023

S&P has downgraded Nissan to junk. They have said, Nissan will be downgraded further.

Nissan Navara pick-up / ute goes electric – I can’t believe how bad it is

By The Electric Viking / March 6, 2023

Nissan Navara is pretty bad. The converted the gasoline one into electric.

Nissan, once the largest EV company on earth, is now in BIG trouble

By The Electric Viking / February 27, 2023

Nissan said it will get the electric vehicle market back. They don’t seem to be in that position.

Nissan slams Toyota’s hybrid claims; says they’re lying about consumption

By The Electric Viking / February 22, 2023

Nissan says Toyota is exaggerating. Is Nissan right about it?

Nissan’s CEO says EV adoption is moving much faster than they expected

By The Electric Viking / January 27, 2023

Nissan CEO says that Nissan is in trouble. They can’t compete with the auto industry.

The world’s love for Japanese cars is coming to an end

By The Electric Viking / January 11, 2023

As the auto industry undergoes its biggest transformation in a generation, this brand is falling behind. They basically make fridges […]

Nissan reports sales in Europe and the US – they’re in BIG trouble

By The Electric Viking / January 7, 2023

In the last 3 years, Nissan’s sales have collapsed. It is not a small matter.

Nissan’s NEW GTR Nismo will be electric & use a solid state battery

By The Electric Viking / December 20, 2022

Nissan is ramping up their electric vehicle game. Their new EV will be made by Nismo.

Nissan’s solution to its EPIC 2022 collapse – free VR headsets!

By The Electric Viking / November 8, 2022

Nissan Ariya reservation holders are receiving an email detailing how they can get a free Meta Quest 2 VR headset. […]

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