Tesla, Audi & Nissan EVs surprising winter range loss, Toyota EVs terrible

By The Electric Viking / January 29, 2024

Electric vehicles from Tesla, Audi, and Nissan exhibit minimal loss in winter range, as per data compiled from 10,000 EVs […]

Nissan fans are furious that the next Nissan GTR will be a 1350HP EV

By The Electric Viking / January 9, 2024

The anticipated electric Nissan GT-R, boasting 1,300 horsepower, might make its debut by the close of this decade. Nissan suggests […]

Why Nissan is about to become a Chinese car company

By The Electric Viking / December 20, 2023

Nissan is set to export electric vehicles (EVs) that are both developed and manufactured in China. This move aligns Nissan […]

Why Nissan’s $9.5 billion plan completely failed in China

By The Electric Viking / November 13, 2023

Japanese automaker Nissan Motor and its Chinese joint venture partner revealed a $9.5 billion investment initiative in China on Monday. […]

The most popular electric car in Japan costs only $13,000

By The Electric Viking / October 29, 2023

Japan’s most popular EV is a kei car. It’s a mini car that costs only $13,000

Nissan sales collapse in China after it refuses to embrace electric cars

By The Electric Viking / October 11, 2023

The reluctance of Japan towards electric vehicles (EVs) is affecting Chinese automakers. Nissan’s sales are declining as it struggles to […]

Honda and Nissan begin exporting Chinese Government made cars to Japan

By The Electric Viking / October 3, 2023

Nissan is in a bit of trouble. Nissan’s demand in China has gone down.

Nissan debt default only a matter of time…

By The Electric Viking / September 11, 2023

Nissan has a huge debt. How can they do any good with only one EV in China? China is their […]

Nissan Ariya range revealed by EPA: Is this why they aren’t selling?

By The Electric Viking / August 22, 2023

Nissan is having a very difficult time selling the Nissan Ariya. It’s not a bad electric car.

Nissan employees face over 400 criminal charges in widespread coverup

By The Electric Viking / August 21, 2023

This year we discovered a few things about Nissan. The corporate culture in Nissan in Japan is sick.

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