Porsche & VW CEO defends e-fuels strategy – France says he’s wrong

By The Electric Viking / March 21, 2023

They are defending e-fuels strategy. The emission scandal is still circulating around.

Porsche big price increases coming soon to Sustain High Profits

By The Electric Viking / March 21, 2023

Porsche investors are concerned about Porsche’s margin. Porsche isn’t worried.

Porsche claim One-Pedal Driving in EVs isn’t efficient; ‘twice the losses’

By The Electric Viking / February 22, 2023

What Porsche is saying, ignores the laws of Physics. They are 100% wrong.

Porsche less focused on EV’s; investing in synthetic fuel powered gas cars

By The Electric Viking / January 21, 2023

People don’t want Mazda and Jaguar EV’s. On the other hand Porsche Taycan was selling incredibly well.

Porsche begins producing synthetic gasoline it claims is carbon neutral

By The Electric Viking / January 1, 2023

Porsche announced the official opening of its Haru Oni eFuels pilot plant in Punta Arenas, Chile. Porsche is one of […]

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