Renault building capacity for 5 million gas cars yearly: ‘ALL IN’ on ICE!

By The Electric Viking / March 2, 2023

Renault will be making more gas cars. They are walking in a quite opposite direction than others.

Renault & Peugeot release NEW EV’s in Australia; media shocked by price

By The Electric Viking / March 1, 2023

Renault Megane E-Tech is more expensive than a Tesla Model Y. It is a big car almost Toyota Corolla’s size.

Renault says Tesla is destroying value for electric car buyers

By The Electric Viking / February 22, 2023

Renault CEO claims Tesla destroyed resale value. In other words, they are saying that Tesla is bad for EV’s.

PHEVs Pollute 5-7 times more than claimed; even with full batteries

By The Electric Viking / February 17, 2023

Surprise, surprise. Many plugin hybrids pollute vastly more than advertised, even when their batteries are fully charged. Unfortunately, plugin hybrids […]

NEW Renault Megane E-Tech VS NEW MG4 electric hatch

By The Electric Viking / October 28, 2022

The Mégane EV60’s motor is magnet-free, using coils for the rotor and stator, plus and minus wheel paddles determine the […]

Renault creates video mocking Tesla Semi – makes bizarre claim

By The Electric Viking / October 24, 2022

The Tesla Semi was featured in Renault Truck’s most recent advertisement, mocking Tesla’s timeline for Semi introduction. The ad makes […]

The NEW Renault 4 Electric SUV is epic!

By The Electric Viking / October 19, 2022

The Renault 4Ever Trophy features adventure-ready elements such as the shortened front overhangs for greater clearance capability, vast body protection […]

Tesla & new Renault EV help France reach record high EV sales

By The Electric Viking / October 18, 2022

Last month some 35,835 new plug-in vehicles were registered in France (up 19.5% year-over-year), including 34,099 passenger plug-in cars, which […]

NEW Renault 5 EV might cost only $20,000!

By The Electric Viking / October 13, 2022

The upcoming Renault 5 EV itself will be assembled at the company’s Douai plant. The production Renault 5 EV concept’s […]

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