Why Stellantis CEO Tavares claimed Euro 7 emissions rules are ‘useless’

By The Electric Viking / May 23, 2023

Stellantis is stuck. We can get this hint from the words of Stellantis’s CEO.

Stellantis: Massive electrification costs are “Elephant In The Room”

By The Electric Viking / April 17, 2023

Someone will step in and replace Stellantis. They need to stop complaining and start ramping up.

Ram’s 2024 1500 Electric pickup is WAY better than they’re saying

By The Electric Viking / April 10, 2023

Ram finally revealed the details of its long-awaited first electric truck, the Ram 1500 REV. The electric truck will rival […]

Jeep reveals NEW electric Recon off road SUV with 400 mile range

By The Electric Viking / March 30, 2023

Jeep has revealed the Wagoneer electric SUV and Recon off-roader. It is exciting to see these new electric SUVs.

Stellantis says it will replicate its European EV dominance in the US

By The Electric Viking / February 27, 2023

Stellantis doesn’t sell a single electric car in the US. How are they going to do this?

Ram’s NEW Electric truck will have a gasoline engine “Range Extender”

By The Electric Viking / January 21, 2023

Once this model is released, it will be foolish for Stellantis to call that Ram 1500 an EV. With that […]

Stellantis says European automakers are screwed unless China policy changes

By The Electric Viking / January 13, 2023

Belgium and England with the biggest importers are taking up nearly 70% of the shipment. Exports in China more than […]

Ram reveals NEW 1500 Revolution electric pick-up truck

By The Electric Viking / January 7, 2023

Stellantis’ toughest brand pulled back the covers on its pickup EV at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. It’s not only […]

Stellantis forcing buyers to pay and register cars they won’t receive

By The Electric Viking / January 1, 2023

Stellantis is forcing some UK buyers to pay up to three months’ worth of finance installments on vehicles that are […]

Stellantis no longer convinced EVs are the solution, invests in hydrogen

By The Electric Viking / January 1, 2023

Stellantis will invest in Symbio. Together they will make Hydrogen vehicles.

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