Jeep will sell an electric Renegade in America for under $25,000

By The Electric Viking / June 21, 2024

An all-electric Jeep Renegade has been officially confirmed, with a starting price of under $25,000 as Jeep expands into new […]

Stellantis CEO predicts doom for auto industry: Chinese EVs a “Major Trap”

By The Electric Viking / May 29, 2024

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares describes tariffs on Chinese EVs as a “major trap” and advocates for competing directly with Chinese […]

Stellantis CEO furious after Chinese companies try to buy Alfa Romeo

By The Electric Viking / April 16, 2024

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares has firmly stated that Alfa Romeo will not be sold to Chinese investors, affirming the brand’s […]

Stellantis fires 2900 unionised staff in Italy & America in a group video call

By The Electric Viking / March 29, 2024

Stellantis has entered into agreements to reduce the workforce by a minimum of 2,500 positions in Italy. The company has […]

Stellantis and GM EV charging station company goes bankrupt

By The Electric Viking / March 17, 2024

With Tesla’s NACS connector and Supercharger network rapidly expanding, Charge Enterprises, Stellantis and GM’s charging station partner, led by a […]

Stellantis patents ‘Fake Vibration’ to mimic V8 engines In Electric cars

By The Electric Viking / February 25, 2024

Stellantis has patented a vibration system designed to replicate the sensation of combustion engines in electric vehicles (EVs). Should it […]

Stellantis says it will NEVER pay Tesla for emissions credits ever again

By The Electric Viking / February 25, 2024

Stellantis has decided to cease purchasing regulatory emissions credits from Tesla, reflecting a newly adopted mindset within the automaker that […]

Stellantis finally adopting Tesla NACS chargers, but won’t join Tesla network

By The Electric Viking / February 15, 2024

Stellantis has recently disclosed its decision to embrace the NACS standard for its forthcoming electric vehicles in North America. However, […]

In Europe old internal combustion cars are being converted to EVs for $20,000

By The Electric Viking / February 2, 2024

Stellantis is set to transform pre-owned diesel vans into electric vehicles at a cost of under €20,000. The initiative will […]

Stellantis says Tesla brutally cut pricing and profitability ‘brutally collapsed’

By The Electric Viking / January 21, 2024

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares has expressed the company’s intention to refrain from reducing electric vehicle (EV) prices in a bid […]

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