Toyota’s game-changing solid-state battery will crush rivals in 2021

By The Electric Viking / April 15, 2024

The introduction of Toyota’s solid-state battery heralds a paradigm shift, not only for electric vehicles but for the entire industry. […]

Toyota sales suddenly CRASH in Japan and China after crash test FEARS

By The Electric Viking / March 30, 2024

In February, Toyota experiences a 7% decline in global sales, attributed to weaknesses in the Chinese market and the Daihatsu […]

Toyota reveals what its electric cars will look like…

By The Electric Viking / March 25, 2024

Toyota has patented a distinctive crossover van reminiscent of the Honda Element, featuring sliding front and rear doors, three rows […]

Toyota says the future of cars in Australia is hydrogen

By The Electric Viking / March 23, 2024

Toyota is maintaining its commitment to advancing hydrogen technologies in Australia, aiming to position the Mirai as the brand’s next […]

It is 14 times more expensive to drive a Toyota Mirai than a Tesla EV

By The Electric Viking / March 14, 2024

Hydrogen Insight’s calculations reveal that driving a Toyota Mirai in California has become nearly 14 times costlier than operating a […]

Experts say Toyota pollutes more than the worst coal mine in Australia alone

By The Electric Viking / March 8, 2024

According to a climate advocacy group in Australia, Toyota is under scrutiny for allegedly emitting more pollution than the nation’s […]

Experts say the Greenest Car isn’t an EV, it’s a Toyota or a Lexus

By The Electric Viking / March 5, 2024

Unexpected Discovery: Study Reveals Top Five Environmentally Friendly Cars, with EVs Following Toyota’s Plug-in Hybrid.

Toyota recalls its electric cars for wildly inaccurate remaining range estimate

By The Electric Viking / March 5, 2024

Toyota has initiated a recall of tens of thousands of bZ3 electric vehicles (EVs) in China, marking the first such […]

Toyota says its better to pay Tesla for credits than waste money investing in EVs

By The Electric Viking / March 3, 2024

“We’re Making Progress”: Toyota North America CEO Discusses the Future of EVs However, he maintains the belief that EVs will […]

Toyota Mirai price slashed 60% as hydrogen car demand evaporates

By The Electric Viking / March 2, 2024

Toyota is extending an incredible $40,000 discount on the $67,000 Mirai FCV, but is the allure of a hydrogen-powered car […]

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