VW cuts production of ID3 and Cupra Born EVs due to weak demand

By The Electric Viking / October 1, 2023

Volkswagen cuts production of ID3. This happens when you don’t innovate.

Why 350,000 VW and Audi cars were stored In graveyards across America

By The Electric Viking / September 29, 2023

As part of the settlement, after it got caught cheating on its emissions tests, Volkswagen has bought back about 350,000 of […]

VW’s German workers criticize turnaround plan as staff fired all over Europe

By The Electric Viking / September 27, 2023

During a recent factory meeting held at the Zwickau plant in Germany, Volkswagen Saxony’s management delivered somber news. They revealed […]

VW appears to end production of ID3 in Germany in favour of Chinese imports

By The Electric Viking / September 21, 2023

Volkswagen is pausing production in 2 different car plants. This is a sad news.

Volkswagen fires staff at EV factory as demand drops drastically in August

By The Electric Viking / September 18, 2023

Volkswagen will fire a large number of staff. Clean energy in numerous areas is creating jobs. On the other hand, […]

Germany says VW is struggling to find answers for Tesla & BYD’s pricing and tech

By The Electric Viking / September 15, 2023

3 days ago we learned that the German government is worried. They are worried that VW is heading to nowhere.

VW will Slash Development Times for New Models by 2 years to save costs

By The Electric Viking / September 13, 2023

Volkswagon will go faster. They will develop the cars faster.

US 2024 Volkswagen ID.4 gets more power and improved interior

By The Electric Viking / September 11, 2023

Volkswagen is trying to improve. How well did they do?

VW CEO says Chinese cars not a threat for Europe because their price doubles

By The Electric Viking / September 9, 2023

Chinese brands increase their prices in European countries. They are not a threat to Europe.

NEW Volkswagen ID3 gets big improvements and cheaper price

By The Electric Viking / August 30, 2023

The new Volkswagen ID3 has some fascinating improvements. It has been changed.

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