Europe’s best selling electric cars in 2024 – Volvo rises to take on Tesla

By The Electric Viking / May 11, 2024

In March, Europe saw registrations of 296,000 plugin vehicles, marking an 8% decrease compared to the same period last year. […]

Volvo makes its last EVER diesel car and sends it to a museum

By The Electric Viking / March 29, 2024

The Ford Explorer priced below £40,000 in Europe offers a competitive edge, undercutting the base model of the Tesla Model […]

Volvo joins BYD and Tesla, growing electric car profits by 400% in 2023

By The Electric Viking / February 9, 2024

Volvo’s CEO reassures that the cooling down of the EV market is not a concern for the company. In the […]

Volvo CEO says EV Doubters are wrong; ‘Tremendous Growth’ is coming

By The Electric Viking / January 21, 2024

The CEO of Volvo dismisses skepticism about electric vehicles and anticipates substantial growth. Volvo is targeting 50% of global sales […]

Volvo designs world first charger for off-grid EVs powered by burning wood

By The Electric Viking / January 18, 2024

In remote locations where work is conducted off the grid, maintaining a steady fuel supply for construction equipment proves challenging, […]

NEW Volvo EX30 electric crossover Range, Specs and Price in America

By The Electric Viking / January 8, 2024

The 2025 Volvo EX30, with its competitive base price and respectable range, stands as a robust competitor in its segment.

Volvo disagrees with Ford and GM – says EV demand is huge, zero cancellations

By The Electric Viking / December 20, 2023

Contrary to suggestions of an electric vehicle (EV) demand slump, Volvo CEO Jim Rowan asserts that the introduction of new […]

2024 Volvo EX90 7 seat electric SUV comes with 300 mile range, costs $76,695

By The Electric Viking / December 4, 2023

In early 2024, the U.S. market will welcome a new three-row electric SUV. Volvo’s flagship EX90 electric SUV is set […]

Is Volvo a Swedish company or really a Chinese one…

By The Electric Viking / November 27, 2023

Production of the 2022 Volvo C40 Recharge has commenced in Belgium, but for the Australian market, the models will be […]

Volvo shares tank after Geely sells stock; admits more selling to come

By The Electric Viking / November 20, 2023

Volvo Cars experienced a significant decline, with shares plummeting by up to 14% on Friday, reaching an unprecedented nadir. The […]

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