GWM’s NEW Ora 3 starts at $14,600 and gets power boost

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At the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, Great Wall Motor introduced the latest addition to its Ora brand lineup, unveiling the Ora 3, affectionately referred to as the Good Cat. This new model arrives in five distinct trims, each offering unique features tailored to diverse preferences and needs. Among the options is the Comfort Trim, boasting a range of 401km and priced at 105,800 yuan, equivalent to approximately $14,600 USD. For those seeking enhanced features, the Premium Trim, also offering a 401km range, is available at 115,800 yuan, or about $16,000 USD. Stepping up to the Luxury Trim, customers can enjoy additional amenities while maintaining the same 401km range, priced at 125,800 yuan, or roughly $17,300 USD.

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