The Tri-Motor offroad Rivian R3X with 4695 batteries is EPIC

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Rivian caused quite a stir in California today with the debut of its latest electric SUV, the next-generation R2. CEO RJ Scaringe took the stage to unveil the R2, but the surprises didn’t end there. Moments later, he shocked the audience by introducing the R3 compact crossover, followed swiftly by yet another new addition: the R3X, a performance-oriented, rally-inspired model. Discussing the R3, Scaringe emphasized the company’s goal of encapsulating its essence in a higher-performance variant, resulting in the creation of the R3X. Drawing inspiration from iconic vehicles like the Russian Lada Niva 1600, the VW Golf Country, and even the hypothetical Crosstrek STI, Rivian aimed to offer a modern interpretation of rugged capability and spirited driving.

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