BMW EV owners furious over $31,000 – $71,000 Battery Replacement costs

By The Electric Viking / February 15, 2024

BMW i3 owners are taken aback by the cost of battery replacement, which can amount to $30,000, with one individual […]

BMW says the electric car ‘tipping point’ already happened in 2023

By The Electric Viking / January 19, 2024

BMW has reached a crucial turning point as the company transitions from traditional gas-powered vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs). As […]

BMW’s oldest factory will only build electric cars; ending production of ICE M3

By The Electric Viking / January 16, 2024

In 2027, BMW’s Munich production plant is set to undergo a transformation, becoming the brand’s inaugural all-electric manufacturing facility. This […]

BMW says fake engine sounds and manual transmissions for EVs are pointless

By The Electric Viking / December 28, 2023

A senior BMW executive dismisses the notion of electric vehicles imitating the sound of a petrol engine merely for the […]

BMW ends ICE Production In Germany with last V8 to focus on EVs & hydrogen

By The Electric Viking / November 19, 2023

BMW has concluded internal combustion engine (ICE) production in Germany with the manufacturing of the final V8 engine. However, the […]

BMW says they are beating Tesla: “Tesla needs to close the gap with us”

By The Electric Viking / November 6, 2023

BMW says Tesla is behind them. They think they have better technology than Tesla.

BMW, Mini & Rolls-Royce EVs will install Tesla NACS chargers

By The Electric Viking / October 23, 2023

Why are automakers waiting weeks after weeks to join Tesla. Eventually, all automakers are joining Tesla.

Tesla Model 3 Highland beats Mercedes EQE, BMW i4 & Ioniq 6 in new test

By The Electric Viking / October 23, 2023

Carwow made a video comparing the Tesla Model 3 Highland, Mercedes EQE, BMW i4 & Ioniq 6. On the same […]

NEW BMW IX2 electric coupe SUV revealed with polarising design

By The Electric Viking / October 16, 2023

Similar to its predecessor, the iX1, which made its debut last year, the freshly unveiled iX2, sporting a coupe-like design, […]

VW group, Mercedes & BMW sales sink in China as they fall behind in EV race

By The Electric Viking / October 13, 2023

Bad news for German Automakers. Big brands are sinking.

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