New solar efficiency records make solar cheapest electricity in the world

Viking ThumbnailsNew solar efficiency records make solar cheapest electricity in the world

The fastest-growing source of energy in the world right now is wind. Second to wind is solar. Solar efficiency keeps on improving, going up and up and up. Many, many people around the world, in fact, millions, are putting solar on their roofs to power their electric cars. Solar efficiency continues to give more for the money.
In other words, you buy a solar system and you get more energy out of that system than you would the previous year and the previous year, and the previous year. Now, one of the changes that have been made to solar panels within the last twelve months has drastically improved efficiency.
I love renewable energy. Chinese solar module maker Risen Energy has achieved yet another pair of records for its HJT Hyper-ion solar module series, hitting new highs for both power output and energy conversion efficiency. This means that new solar records have taken module efficiency and output from solar panels to record highs.
So, when you have a solar panel on your roof, you’ve got to convert that energy from one type of energy to another, and that’s part of the process that degrades the percentage of efficiency you get from your system. But manufacturers are working out new ways for the system to be more efficient.
Risen announced that its HJT Hyper-ion modules have achieved a maximum power of 741.456 watts, meaning a new efficiency level of 23.9%. 23.9% is staggering. Look at the efficiency levels of systems, say 20 years ago, they were closer to 10% on efficiency. This best rising’s most recent record for this series of PV modules set back in December of 2021 at a record of 23.65%.
So, even though there’s only a small gain in two years or in just over a year, it’s still a gain. And what’s happening is every single year we’re seeing these tiny little incremental increases, which are all adding up to big gains in the actual energy output you get from a solar system on efficiency. This latest improvement in both maximum power and modular efficiency is ascribed to technological innovations such as ultra-thin wafers, zero busbar technology, hyperlink interconnection, and encapsulation material.
It comes at a time when the cost of the materials to build solar panels has declined by 50%. Now, in other words, what’s happened is the raw material prices, for companies primarily used to make a solar panel has come down by 50%. Therefore, solar panel companies in China, there are three big ones, they’re the three biggest in the world. They are having a price war, bringing down the price of solar energy. It’s cheaper now than what it has ever been ever.
The latest improvement in maximum power and module efficiency will actually mean, in combination with the recent cuts in price, it’s believed solar panels will come down in price by possibly up to 50% by the end of this year. That solar will be the world’s cheapest form of energy, period, doesn’t matter where you live. The Hyperion modules also feature a stable temperature coefficient and a high bifaciality of up to 85% capable of maintaining its power output above 90% after 30 years of use.
So this whole idea that solar panels last ten years, then you got to chuck them out. It’s not true. These panels will give you output above 90% after 30 years of use. That, my friends, is amazing. “As the latest HJT product, Hyper-ion has the best combination of both improvement and reductions – high power and high power generation, high efficiency and reliability, low degradation and low-temperature coefficient, low CFP and low LCOE,” said Even Liu, senior R&D director at Risen Energy. “Risen Energy will continue to innovate and improve our products to promote the era of carbon neutrality.” The Risen Energy Hyper-ion is backed by the company’s 100μm ultrathin cell technology and low-temperature process, which delivers a carbon footprint value lower than 400kg eq CO2/kWc. That’s well below the market average. In other words, the actual energy needed to produce these solar panels is minuscule in comparison to the net energy gains. You’re going to get over a lifetime of having these. You will have paid off that energy use within about two months of owning them. It’s quite incredible.
So are these records legit? Are they true? Is this company, a Chinese company, just exaggerating? No, they are legit. These new module records were verified by the German certification organization TÜV SÜD. They are legit. These new innovations are amazing. If you combine them with this new incredible solar PV film that’s going on the faces of buildings on building windows, you can’t even see it. New buildings are just being covered. In this new film, you combine that with some of the incredible increases in solar panel performances we’ve seen over the past ten years, and you can see why so many people are buying solar now. You can see why so many governments are installing, you can see why so many private businesses are installing it. You can see why France is mandated that every carport; car park that’s built from now on has been mandated. You can see why a lot of countries now it’s mandated on new building roofs.
Frankly, my friends, solar has done some amazing stuff. No one’s really talking about it, but the future of the world is clearly wind, solar, and batteries. And that is good news.

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