Rivian losing up to $160,000 per car – cuts workforce to save money

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They are cutting their workforce by a very big number. This is scary.

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2 thoughts on “Rivian losing up to $160,000 per car – cuts workforce to save money”

  1. I am a 28 year automotive systems engineer (make the whole greater than the sum of the parts), system architect (defining the best concept), chassis/vehicle dynamics design and development engineer. I spent 12 years at one of the big three OEM’s.

    If you watch Sandy Munro’s hoist review on the RT1 you will note how the frame looks like a prototype with black residue from welding the tubular aluminum. This is rough and not near production level. This should not have been in the market. If the complete car was an initial level prototype it would cost at least $500k+. Likely much more for the new EV. It appears Rivian are somewhere between prototype and low volume production so $233k+/vehicle in parts, labor and production costs is very believable. And this doesn’t include the enormous engineering development costs they must be spending to make it medium to high volume production ready…in three different vehicles.

    Honestly, as big of an issue for them will be related to recalls as they are not remotely ready for the consumer as design and “production” problems are bound to get through.

    Rivian was not remotely ready for prime time with their vehicles. They will keep bleeding serious money.

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