Tesla Semi with 4680 batteries spotted on way to new owners!

You know the Tesla semi-electric truck, we’ve had to wait a long long long time for this vehicle. I for once want to see them out on the roads. BYD already has electric trucks on the roads. Volvo has electric trucks on the roads. The Tesla semi though, it’s a different proposition altogether. The range is longer, the sizes bigger and frankly the market needs them now. So what is going on? Are they actually coming soon? Well, maybe we could see them by the end of this year.

So, the Tesla semi is going to use 4680 battery cells, which obviously Tesla doesn’t have enough of right now. It’s taking a long time to ramp them up longer than they wanted them to, longer than they thought it would take. Elon has admitted that himself. It’s true and obviously, a truck needs a lot of batteries. So that is what the hold up is from, not enough battery cells. Now a Reddit user posted a short video of a Tesla semi traveling west on the I-80, basically a freeway in the US. According to people who attended Tesla’s GigaTexas grand opening and delivery party, it’s a semi that was actually on display at the event driving itself home; not by itself! Someone was actually driving it. Not fully autonomous yet unfortunately. Teslarati says the electrical hauler had been painted by an artist during the party and when I saw the designer thought well that’s a talented artist; this thing looks pretty cool. The Tesla electric semi was spotted in California in Colfax and it may have simply been out testing, though the painting definitely got my attention. The great thing about the semi is, it wasn’t the Nikola.

I mean, they didn’t tow it to the top of a hill and just let it roll down the hill to try and convince you that the thing could actually drive. This thing (Tesla semi) is actually driving, it’s the real deal. Now in this article, I recently talked about another Tesla semi citing the consisted of 2 class 8 trucks driving on into state 80 near Donner lake in the northeast area of California. Some people assume the trucks, which both appear to be updated could have been on their way to PepsiCo in Modesto, California. Why PepsiCo? Well, PepsiCo put a massive order in for Tesla trucks. I think it was about 2 years ago now. Either way, Reddit user u/bookhouser published this video clip of the Tesla semi on I-80 in Colfax, which is between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. In fact, Colfax isn’t too far away from the area around Donner lake. Where the other semis were recently seen and it’s on the way to Modesto. So the question here is, why are the semis going to Modesto? Well, PepsiCo freight ally has a large order of Tesla electric semis. Tesla has already installed mega chargers, which are 1000-watt supercharges specifically for the Semis at Frito Lay’s location in Modesto. PepsiCo continues to report that it’s getting some of its Tesla Semis soon. When is it soon? Well, don’t exactly know. Tesla did just recently report its Q2 2022 financials and held its related conference call for investors. Elon once again confirmed that Tesla will start Semi production in 2023. The Cyber truck will come in 2023 as well. It’s going to be a big year for Tesla. The roadster, the Semi, and the Cyber truck all coming in 2023 and I believe as well the model A is coming in 2023 too. It will be manufactured in China where it’s currently under development.

We really do live in an amazing place. Planet earth, the technology is insane. Imagine if you have to travel back in time 100 years and you can show people your iPhone or your electric car or your solar panels or your wind turbines. Wind turbines are big now. The world’s biggest wind turbines can power millions of homes. 

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