What I’ve been waiting to tell you… but wasn’t sure how to say it

What I've been waiting to tell you... but wasn't sure how to say it

I’ve been going through some challenges in life. I’ll tell you about them.

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6 thoughts on “What I’ve been waiting to tell you… but wasn’t sure how to say it”

  1. Sam,

    Been enjoying your youtube posts for several months now! It’s great when you give brief glimpses into your family life because it shows your depth as a person.

    I’m very sorry that your wife is now struggling with cancer and I’m praying for a miracle that she will recover and go into remission, for the sake of your young sons and for you as well.

    From an old granddad in Texas

    1. Hi.
      I hope this can help your wife and all of you.

      Please check and see the writings of Greg Anderson. A survivor of metastasic cancer given 30 days to live. This was over 20 years ago.
      I’ve read his books: The Cancer Conqueror,
      50 Essential Things To Do.
      I recently got the info that he was helped by Dr. Carl Simonton.
      Hope this can help.
      Best regards.

  2. Hey Viking…I am a 10 year survivor of stage 4 colon cancer. Began in my lower colon, then my lung 4 years later. I had 8% chance to survive 5 years. 😂🤣 I’m doing fine with great doctors and faith in Jesus.

    You have a choice to be a victim or a survivor. Attitude DEFINITELY makes a difference.

    Prayers for your you, your wife, and your children.
    God Bless Viking 🥰

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